Its Our Studio is a fun quirky brand, we love spreading our quirkiness around. Last weekend we traveled to Pune to showcase our amazing collection of our products. Street Fest was a mixed cultural event at one of the most happening places of Pune, Phoenix Market City.  

People loved our products, they were confused on what to buy from the amazing Its Our Studio collection, and they were thrilled to get quirkiness in their kitty. From our brilliant experience, let us share the top 5 products that people loved and purchased :- 

1) Roulette Drinking Game- If you have drinking buddies, or have a party at your house; Roulette drinking game is a must buy product for you. Spin the wheel, finish your drink and spin it all again with the Roulette Drinking game.

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2) Silibags- Popular with women and the youth, the colorful silibags stood out. Easy to carry, perfect for all events; including monsoon, you just can't buy 1 silibag. They are a perfect fashion statement, and definitely one of our most trendy products.

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3) Dr Hot Dr Cool- With our fast lifestyle, we all need some TLC. Especially with N nol. of meetings, parties and events, we all need a hot pack or a cold pack to relax. But making one is a task. For all the convenience, we have Dr Hot (Hot pack to relax a pulled muscle) and Dr Cool (Cold pack to relax your feet)

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4) Toothbrush Holders- Perfect for your kids or the kid we all are, at our heart. These colorful animal shaped toothbrush holders will make brushing more fun for your kids.  It has a suction cup at the back, so putting the toothbrush while handling your kid will never be a problem again. 

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5) Air Power Soccer Disk- Popular with the young and the old, the Air power soccer disk combines the fun of air hockey and football to create the adventure and fast pace. A good product if you're looking at some fun options to play with friends. 

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If you visited us at Pune, do tell us what you liked and what not. And if you missed the chance, shop from our online store. 

Happy shopping!

Team Its Our Studio