• I have known Samir from the time he started out Its Our Studio and started off with exhibitions. Its was the only brand that was bringing in innovative and funky products which are not seen anywhere in the Indian market. The offering at Its Our Studio is wide and the pricing is very affordable for exclusive products which would usually be charged a lot if you try and buy it online and have it imported to India. 

    I also had a chance to work with Samir and display range of my products since I felt his target audience was the ideal for me. It was a pleasure doing business and gaining the awareness for my product from Its Our Studio. 
    I constantly keep visiting the new Its Our Studio store and when I dont get a chance I buy stuff online from his website. Its like pringles... once you shop at Its Our Studio.. you can't stop! And you'll keep coming back for new collections and products!
    Nirant Khedkar, Infinity Pro - Distribution Director India
  • Its our studio has been a trend setter in the 'Quirk' gifting solutions movement. They spoil us as shoppers with options on the website.The team is super fun to work with Not just as a shopper but also as someone who has worked with the team for over 2 years now. The Butt Station still remains one of our favourite products from Its Our studio and every time someone see's it on our table they almost instantly want to steal it. Radhika & Parul

    Ms.Radhika & Ms.Parul, Founders Black Taxi Creative Concepts
  • I learnt of Its Our Studio only a few years ago and I goto know Samir.. Samir and Its Our Studio are synonymus with each other, they both are young, vibrant, innovative and always offer something new and fresh! I love the product offerings of Its Our Studio and more importantly the quality of thier products is far superior to their competirors (who seem to offer the same thing). Samir is an awesome entrepreneur with a great drive and passion for what he does and thats what makes him and Its Our Studio such and amazing brand!

    Mr.Dhananjay Arora, Founder & CEO - K Webmakerâ„¢